we do… What?

We provide preconstruction services, estimating, planning, rough pricing and reality checks (for both the client and providers), and conversations around beer and/or coffee.

We build new construction, remodels, commercial, and retail.

And we stick around for years afterwards.

What’s in the walls? Matters…

Why do walls have spaces? To put things in. There is a lot of stuff in the walls. You need to plan for it, and document it. Although drywall covers up a lot of stuff, your walls need to be transparent. Just like the accounting.

Why do we do our own estimates? Building before building

There are a lot of ways to build a wall. Subcontractors have a lot of ideas and are deep pools of knowledge. They are opinionated beings (construction people!).

And in the bidding, we are building. So when the time comes to build, we’ve built it once, and just need to do it again with nails.

What is constructed before construction? Preconstruction!

Can I knock out this wall, reverse the stairs and add a room to the building? We can walk you through this. Hiring us, means that you get our opinion, and experience and our opinion. You uncover cost warnings about some of the problems for this when you do that, and what we would do if it was our house. Saving money and better design, it happens.